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In the series “According to Jim” in the center of the Aoyama is simple average American family. Its head is Jim, whose role is played by Belushi himself, a charming guy who is about forty years old. Once upon a time, in his bachelor youth, Jim was wild and rampant, spending evenings in bars and stadiums, rooting for his favorite team. His caricatures with friends like him often ended at the police station. However, all good things ever come to an end. One day Jim met in one of the bars of a blue-eyed blonde Cheryl, which plays the role of the charming actress Courtney Thorne-Smith, and his heart trembled. In this You’ll be able to make sure, if you want the series “said Jim,” watch online. Jim realized that a return to the old dissolute life could not be, and this little girl should be his wife. The past ten years of family life have not changed Jim. Unless the hair is thinned, and a small belly formed. But inside remain the same restless, mischief-maker and inventor. Even on weekdays, not to mention the family and public holidays, in their house reigns unrestrained fun and carnival atmosphere. Everything else Jim incorrigibly lazy. If you do not brake it, it can sit all day in front of the TV with beer and chips in his hands. It’s amazing how in such a relation to family duties in the house nothing is collapsed. Add a drive to the plot of the eternally dissatisfied unmarried sister Cheryl, Dana, and friend and companion Jim, arrogant fat man Andy.