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“In the center of the storyline of the television series “”Last Mantanding”” – an acute problem of our time. Women have captured many areas around the world. There are more and more women among politicians, leaders, doctors, teachers, builders every year. Remember how it used to be all the inventions were made by men, they also worked in the leading sectors of the country.
The protagonist, Mike Baxter, decides to confront the female half of humanity, seized all power structures. He works as Director of advertising at a local sporting goods store. Our hero has a decent job, a good car, a loving family. Subordinates are afraid of him, because Mike only one look is able to strike a man on the spot. However, at home he is at the mercy of his wife and daughters.
One day his wife decides to go to work and move up the career ladder. To do this, the head of the family will have to try on the role of nurses, cooks and servants. He begins to understand how difficult it is to combine the basic work and education of children, as well as manage to cook and clean up in the house.”