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“In the series “”The Big Bang Theory”” Sheldon and Leonard are theoretical physicists who rent apartments together. They have two friends, Howard and Raj, who are willing to play computer games or watch Star wars day and night. Of course, the guys not the girls, because they’re weird nerds with whom a normal person and talk something about.
And then one day in a neighboring apartment populated by a pretty girl penny. She meets with boys, and soon and at all is beginning to with them friends with one another. The appearance of such beauty in the company becomes an unexpected event for all the main characters. Sheldon very unhappy with this circumstance. Howard tries to get to penny, and Raj can’t talk to her at all because of natural modesty. Leonard first sight falls in love with Singing. Here only the girl is in no hurry to answer him.
She successfully collects admirers, not tired be surprised the, what weirdos live next door. The guys then get into funny situations because of their own weirdness, but this does not deter the girl. Gradually penny realizes that despite all the strangeness of the character, Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj are good guys, sincere and faithful. She gets close to Leonard, but she’s afraid that loving relationships are gonna ruin their friendship forever.
Meanwhile, fascinated by science Sheldon is oblivious to his own loneliness. Howard and Raj decide to jokingly find the perfect pair for him and succeed in this win-win situation.”