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Warwick Thornton


Rob Collins, Shantae Barnes-Cowan, Callan Mulvey, Yael Stone, Tessa Rose



The Bite of Fire is a British fantasy series directed by Brendan Fletcher, Tony Kravitz and Warwick Thornton. Produced by See-Saw Films. Starring: Rob Collins, Yael Stone, Callan Mulway, Shante Barnes-Cowen, Ngair Pygram and others.
The plot of this series is set in the remote mining town of Opal City in the middle of the South Australian desert. The main characters of the film are a teenage girl Shanica (Shante Barnes-Cowan) and her guardian Tyson (Rob Collins), who belong to the country’s indigenous people. Shanika believes that when, in 1788, a British ship landed in Sydney Harbor, along with the crew members who were sent to colonize Australian lands, 11 vampires arrived, who were sent by the authorities of England to Australia to eradicate the native population of the country. … Therefore, the girl reasonably believes that Australia Day should be renamed Invasion Day. Shanika states this in her school project.

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