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The series “Game of Thrones” was recognized as the best for 2012, even those who bypassed the series of the genre – Fates gave a high rating. And why not, because in this series there is everything you need for a good viewing: the clang of swords and the sound of chain mail, beautiful landscapes and expensive scenery, a great play of actors and a great script! All this we have already seen in the first two seasons of the “Game of Thrones”, but it is already 2013 and we have new dangerous adventures waiting for us!

The chief legislator of all TV series, TVGuide, characterized this series with the following words: “The Game of Thrones team was able to prove to everyone that the viewer does not need to sacrifice something that stimulates thought to slightly enjoy violence and blood. In the Game of Thrones you can see and both!

MSN called the show one of the best because of the amazing battle scenes, each of which is connected to a dramatic storyline, what else is needed? Here we can observe both pure emotions and the most real meanness!

Time Magazine dubbed Game of Thrones “an exciting exploration of the power of dark forces.”

A.V. Club brought this series to its top best projects in 2012. The publication focused its attention on peerless actors.

The Huffington Post expressed a somewhat controversial and unambiguous point of view: “Game of Thrones season 2 season turned out better than the first, and this is due to the bright dialogues and brilliant play of actors!

“Game of Thrones” was able to join the top “65 best events of 2012 in pop culture”!
“Game of Thrones” is about Westeros where seven families use all the means available in order to win their permanent turf wars with each other. Several lines, each of which contains a conflict, bear all the basic wrongdoings that can and can’t be imagined – lies, betrayal, plots, murders, loyalty, love. These are only a small part – the whole list will be endless. There are very few dialogues, much more action, in fact. The amount of the very diverse characters murdered by author and series directors can not even be counted without tears and a broken heart. Opinions about this product vary from “what a perverted pornography in a lame Medieval style” up to “the most epic violent thing with the profound message that even “Lord of the Rings” can not reach”. It’s up to you to decide either to watch “Game of Thrones” or no. You were warned.