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Below you can find the tv shows that will air in 2022. You can get tv series direct download links from our website.

quarantineQuarantine is a drama series from director Julie Plec which tells the viewer about a mysterious virus. The city of Atlanta is raging epidemic of incredible strength, the treatment of which the scientists have not yet found, and in addition, most of the infected die. Local authorities will not stand aside and take a very difficult decision – to close part of the city to the quarantine. Doctors and scientists are constantly trying to find a vaccine against this mysterious disease.
Trapped people in the quarantine area are in a state of panic, because they realize that each of them may die at any time. From this part of town emanates absolute horror and fear, people are willing to do anything to survive. Each of the residents is given one question: why are they? This movie shows very precisely human relationships and emotions in extreme situations, when a person is on the brink between life and death.


hunters-tv-seriesHunters is a TV series which tells about the secret organization specialized on the acts of terrorism and recruiting for its affairs young people. Through its unhealthy propaganda they are ready to fulfill any orders. Throughout the country, there have been attacks, which killed many people. Little is known about those who committed that. But the most importantly, they are soulless and have no sense of pity.
The main character is an FBI agent. Flame is happily married. But one day everything changes, his wife is kidnapped by terrorists. Agent is furious and does everything to find his beloved. In the confusion of these events, he is found by the organization that fights against terrorism and offers its assistance. But it turns out that everything is much more complicated than it seemed, the kidnappers were aliens from another world. Now the main character has a task: to understand all and to free his wife.


luke-cageThe series “Luke Cage” created in the USA is based on the Marvel comics. The main role went to Mike Colter.
The protagonist led a life of crime and was a member of the gang. Subsequently, he has been arrested. In prison, he is offered to take part in the experiment, but something went wrong and medical testing is failed. And Luke Jake gets incredible strength and strong skin. Becoming invulnerable, he escapes from prison, because he is going to get even with his enemy, which became the cause of his troubles. The opponent of Luke is Willie Striker with whom they were friends since the childhood. The culprit of their argument, as it usually happens between men, was a woman, in which they both fell in love. Stryker substitutes his friend, who later goes to prison.


clevermanThe all-new and incredibly interesting series from director Wayne Blair and Leah Purcell is a “Cleverman.”
It is the story of people survival in conditions which threaten their existence, that even when we were enemies we can act for the benefit of others. What would be your reaction, if a man was attacked by the enemy forces, but not normal, and the supernatural? What would you do if you were threatened by creatures of myth and legends? The plot of the series shows the future, which is pretty grim. The mysterious creations of the pages of the book of myths penetrated into our real world and conquered it. Now people come together in a group and are forced to seek shelter in order to protect themselves from the enemy. The main characters are two brothers who do not communicate and have been enemies for quite a long time, but common grief compels them to unite.



outsidersThe director of the series “Outsiders” is Michael Trim. The producers are Steve Blackman, Daniel Carey, Paul Giamatti. The main role was played by David Morris, Thomas M.Rayt and others. The premiere of the TV series is scheduled for January 26, 2016. What are you ready to do to protect your family, traditions and way of life? The main characters of the show are ready on almost everything, even to cross the line of the law and all in order not to be disturbed.
The plot revolves around the Farrell’s family and the action takes place in the Appalachian Mountains. For a long time, the Farrells live in this area, lead quite reclusive way of living with their own laws. But the local sheriff does not like it. He believes that mountaineers can be dangerous for ordinary people, because it is not known what they can do, if their interests are affected.