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The main characters of this series are funny characters named Beavis and Butthead. These teenagers live in the non-existent city of highland, located, however, in a very real state of Texas. They, like all teenagers, go to school, which literally moans from their leprosy. They were also seen working in the local “Burger World” where they sometimes spend part time. Falls to them, happens, and other job, but only when employers accept their impudence for aspiration to prove. The funny thing about the series is that the main character of no ordinary and familiar to all the people values. They are very rude and boorish, and behave in this way with almost everyone as well and with each other. However, for them it seems to be the norm. Beavis and bathed are famous for the fact that they can get out of almost any mess without much damage, and in contrast to them, the people surrounding the main characters of the series, achieve the same where with great effort, and sometimes frankly fail. In each episode of Beavis and Batheda there are always critical comments.