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Ray Donovan, major character of the series Ray Donovan, washes the dirty laundry of the rich people of California. In his dictionary there is no concept of “insoluble”. Together with his assistants he may hush up any scandal to prevent inglorious end of a career and help to avoid a prison sentence. He does not hesitate to use any method for this: if blackmail is effective – let it be blackmail, if the solution to the problem is possible only with the use of murder, so be it. Dealing with the problems of others, Ray cannot cope with his own life. Wife accuses him that while taking care of customers, he is a little involved with their children. Brothers of Ray impose with their troubles. Donovan senior comes to freedom. Twenty years he had “trampled on the square” and accuses his son that he has been behind bars. Now the old man is resolute and Ray will cost a lot of works to protect his family from vengeful and the same danger as he, dad. Ray Donovan is a series in the spirit of the first works of Tarantino.