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“In the series “”Shameless”” Frank never was impeccable fatherly qualities: he drinks a lot, and all family Affairs deals with his eldest daughter Fiona. Six children learn to live independently, helping each other to get out of endless trouble. The mother of the family long since left the house, and since then all of her responsibilities fell on the shoulders of poor Fiona. She gave up studying and working as a cleaner and waitress, and still managing to have a life.
Despite the external asociality, the main characters always act as a cohesive team, risking everything for the well-being of loved ones. Perhaps the Gallaghers are not the most decent people, they swear a lot and are able to engage in a fight, but their family ties can only envy.
Fiona, who never graduated high school, has to do all the work for her father. She works hard, loves her family, but at the same time different heavy character. One day in the life of Fiona intervenes unexpected person her own mother. A woman suffering from bipolar disorder decides to take part in the life of the family. She behaves inadequately, constantly interferes with the main character and conflicts with her ex-husband Frank.
The rest of the children of the Gallagher family are also not a gift. Then one will fight in school, the other is recognized in their non-traditional sexual orientation. Younger members of the family grow up, empirically learn what sex, love and betrayal. At this time, changes and their relationship to the father. The impenetrable drunkard Frank loses all credibility among his children, while Fiona’s personal life begins to go uphill.
The members of the strange family without any moral principles from the television show “”Shameless””and then get into trouble. They are not friends with the law, do not differ much intelligence, but Gallagher love their family, and with the support of loved ones manage to go through all the trials. One day, Fiona decides to create a family, but this news will perceive her family?”