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“In the series “”Stargate SG-1″” in the early twentieth century, a group of archaeologists discovered in Egypt ring made of stone. The characters depicted in it, has led them into confusion.
American intelligence agencies are involved in the study of the findings of the Egyptologist. Mr. Jackson is sure that representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations took part in building of pyramids.
The translation of the hieroglyphs carved on the ring confirms his theory. The find turns out to be a kind of portal, a gateway to the unknown world.
Colonel O’neill and the Professor decide to go through this Stargate and find themselves in an unusual place, a little reminiscent of everything they have seen before and similar to the ancient Egyptian desert.
So and there is-portal has kicked daredevils in so distant past, that to return from him will not be easy. Especially if you consider that they will have to face the deity itself, because God RA, knowing that the Stargate is functioning again, will not let them go for nothing.”