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“Buffy the vampire Slayer” mystical series based on the eponymous full-length film about the hidden opposition of light and dark forces, set in an inconspicuous small town of Sunnydale from Los Angeles moved to live the protagonist of the painting, high school student Buffy summers. She is one of the few people on Earth who are hunters of vampires called the Elected and whose purpose is a constant struggle with the demons and vampires secretly living in all corners of the world. For many years Buffy carefully hides from others their true nature. Here, in a new city she continued to believe that she is successfully obtained, however, universal ignorance lasts only so long, until she meets the school librarian, Mr. Rupert Giles. To Buffy’s surprise, he turns out to be her personal Caretaker, sent to the world of humans to make the girl even stronger and help her develop the skills of a real vampire Slayer. After all, no matter how quiet and serene didn’t seem like Sunnydale, it is not the safe place the city is teeming with hundreds, and even thousands of supernatural creatures!