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“In the series “”Rizzoli and Isles”” two friends, Jane and Maura, live in Boston, work in a police station. In the Department for particularly serious crimes working detective Jane Rizzoli, and Maura Isles is also provided here with a doctor dissector.
Girls are completely different in nature, however, they get along well with each other. They are the most tangled and complicated Affairs, they of its success to destroy the opinion that dangerous detective work is not for women.
Strong, courageous, and unyielding Rizzoli, clearly her character was influenced by her profession, and feminine and soft Isles, without fear of brutal and vindictive murderers, solve complex puzzles.
Very long ago, Jane was attacked by a maniac named “”Surgeon””, who, if not arrived capture group, would have committed murder. On the girl’s hand left the marks of nails that the bandit pinned her hand to the floor.
Now again began to happen murders, the method which resembled the handwriting of “”Surgeon””, but he sits in prison. So, a new criminal or a very well know serial killer, or is his disciple. Detectives are investigating several cases: the mysterious murder of a young boy, the death of a student in the middle of a clear day and the rape of a young girl who looks like two drops, like Jane.
The detectives decided to take a desperate step, Jane will be working undercover, and Maura turned into a waitress.”