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“Royal Pains” TV series is about Hank Lawson is a wonderful doctor who woks at an emergency department. Once he had a harsh choice of saving either a senior man or a teenager. Hank chooses the latter one and considers its correct. As it later turns out, the old person was a philanthropist and had donated much money for the hospital he got in later. After the scandal had arisen, doctor was fired from the hospital. He is unemployed, his finance run out, his girl left him, and there seem to be no perspectives in the future. In order to support his unlucky sibling, Evan calls him for a week-end into the prestigious New York district of Hamptons. The elder of the Lowsons saves the life of a local nouveau rich, and is suggested to become a call doctor. He agrees for this plan. This time on Hank’s work occurs in the background of luxurious mansions and ocean waves. Here the specialist in medicine reveals his talent of an inventive person as well. He can have a surgery in the desert or in case of need make a microscope of the materials that are handy. Telly series “Royal Pains” will show a lucky chance and role of a smart personality in it.